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11.1.11 – what a date for new beginnings!

Posted by LadyCristobel on January 11, 2011

With thanks to The Tarot Guild web site, I bring you the power of today’s date – 11.1.11 – and why you must use today to kick-start your life and your exciting plans. It’s a great date (Date in article below is US format as Tarot Guild is US-based) to get things going so I’m off to Asda before the other important business of the day.

Read this (full article is here), with thanks to Dax Carlisle and The Tarot Guild, and give yourself some personal motivation – the sun is shining and there isn’t any snow, so that’s a real plus for me:

First, you should notice ALL the “ones” in 1/11/11. Numerologically, “One” is “beginnings, seeds, unity, self, and ego”. In Tarot, think of The Magician. You have all the power, all the ability to manifest change. This day is about “you”, “you”, “YOU”! I think this is THE best date this year to start creating abundance for yourself in ALL the areas of your Life!

Notice also there are two number “11’s”. 11 is a Master Number in Numerology – The Master Illuminator Number. Think of is as a higher octave, so to speak, of the number “One” – double “One” or a doubling of The Magician energy. 1 +1 = 2, so it also reduces to “Two” energy or The High Priestess. “Two’s” are about “duality, choices, decisions, relationships, balance and resolution” (Hello!) …all of which come into play with “New Years Resolutions”.

Master Number “11” usually isn’t reduced in Numerology, so let’s add the two “11’s” together – and we get “22” – another Master Number in Numerology – The Master Builder Number. There’s no better time to start building the abundant Life you desire and  deserve! These are all very spiritual numbers.

Well, if that doesn’t motivate you for today, look out for my three-part seminar ‘Tarot for Beginners’, which is about to launch, following on from the success of the one-day ‘Tarot for Beginners’ workshop.

Enjoy 11.1.11!!!


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Great fun at successful beginners’ Tarot workshop!

Posted by LadyCristobel on January 8, 2011

well, we had a really good day at our first Tarot for Beginners workshop.

At least we didn’t have three feet of snow to prevent our delegates making it to the workshop. We introduced ourselves over coffee and agreed what we wanted to achieve during the day – and then we embarked on our busy, interactive, fact-filled, action-orientated workshop.

We looked at the symbols for Christmas – because they are fresh in our minds – and what symbols the tarot deck uses to direct our lives. We chose our own special card for the day and we explained what made it special for us and what story it was telling.

And we are on our own voyages of self-discovery, like The Hermit in our deck:

The Hermit tarot card

And of course, everybody got to receive a tarot reading and give a tarot reading, despite nerves and butterflies! And at the end of a busy but fast-paced day everybody agreed we need another session to follow up on all the wonderful progress we made today.

Our tarot journey is going to be an exciting one, and we are going to invite our friends to our next social tarot evening where we can talk tarot and exchange ideas and show each other new and beautiful decks of cards.

We were all agreed that Pamela Colman Smith is a design hero (heroine!) and we love her attention to historic detail and her superb spiritual illustrations with clever symbols to guide our path.

Watch this space for an invitation to our Open Tarot evening in Aberdeen.

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Why do you want a tarot reading?

Posted by LadyCristobel on August 30, 2010

In times of uncertainty we all want to know that our future is secure. We want assurance that our job is safe, that our families are happy and secure and that no harm will befall us or our loved ones. wheel of fortune

And sometimes we want somehow to gather ‘inside knowledge’ that will give us extra confidence in the future.

Many people read their horoscope in the newspaper or magazine and believe the bits that interest them. Or they seek reassurance from their best friend that they are making the right choices.

Some people visit a tarot reader for a personal journey of exploration and to shed light on how things might turn out – and sometimes to get answers to specific issues that are worrying.

Tarot readers hear questions from their clients on most of life’s subjects. People want answers to questions like

Should I leave my lover?
Will I meet the man of my dreams?
What will happen if I accept this exciting overseas posting?
Will my current problem soon be solved?
Are we secure financially?
Should we consider moving house?

Consulting the tarot deck will certainly shed light on the way things are and the many influences impinging on your life. The tarot cannot give you answers but it will certainly illuminate your path as you search for a way forward. And it can help you make choices.

Your reading is the result of the cards in the deck being in a specific order.

YOU are the one who shuffles the deck of cards, YOU are the one who cuts the cards and hands them back to the tarot reader.

The order of the cards in the pack is what determines the way the cards are read in the tarot spread. So the tarot reader is presented with the order of the cards by the questioner, and reads the spread accordingly.

An exciting and revealing experience. It’s not magic.

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