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another successful Tarot party

Posted by LadyCristobel on October 22, 2009

Another group of ladies invited me to host a little Tarot evening for them this week. We talked briefly about what Tarot is about – it’s NOT black magic – and how people find it helps them to consider their options and sometimes choose a path when they have been agonising over what to do next.

My readings are done using the Rider-Waite tarot deck, designed in 1912 by Pamela Colman-Smith. It is the world’s most popular 78-card Tarot deck.

One lady asked about the cards, their designs, what I thought of them as a Christian, why I used 7 cards in my initial ‘spread’, and what the position on the table of each card signified. She wanted to know about every aspect of the reading.

Each reading is carried out in private and each client makes her own choice to interact with me during the reading or to remain quiet throughout the reading and perhaps ask questions at the end.

One lady asked no questions at all but at the end when I gently enquired if she could relate to the contents of the reading I had just given, she said, ‘yes, every single card’. She didn’t tell me why or how or what was going on in her life, but she was very satisifed with the outcome of her reading.

Other clients will ask about the significance of one or more cards in the reading and we can choose extra cards to shed more light on what those cards might mean. The client may point to a card and say ‘that must be my mother’ or ‘that is the diificulty I have been experiencing with my boss’. Only the client knows the real truth about how the reading relates to her life and her choices.

The whole process of shuffling the deck, laying the cards out, explaining the meanings of the cards in the 7-card spread and gently enquiring about any questions the client might have is a exciting and absorbing on – all this makes for a unique and enlightening reading for every single client.

The tarot reading session is different and exciting for each person. You will feel empowered and in control.

Try it.  or send me a comment below.


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Tarot as a friend

Posted by LadyCristobel on February 9, 2009

When I look at my Tarot pack – a brand new Universal Waite deck – I think of it as my friend. I can ask it questions and it will give me some ideas about how I am feeling and what might be troubling me.

Several of my friends ring me up and ask to speak to my Tarot friend as well, because they know the Tarot is far-reaching, broad-minded and keen to enlighten them.

When I offer readings to the public as a medieval Tarot reader, the response is always considerable. People who consult the Tarot are usually women – who are more in touch with their feelings and more receptive to input from others. They are also much more broad-minded than most men, who often declare their scepticism at the outset, to a gentle smile from me.

My querents usually opt for a general reading first, in a way to establish my credentials, and then often want to ask a specific question about one particular aspect of the reading that has emerged. A second, more detailed reading follows.

Querents are usually concerned about conflict within their relationship or within the family, or at their workplace, and how or if it might be resolved. The Tarot can show up these conflicts and help show a way forward. Sometimes the querent will decide because of the light shed by the cards, that she will in fact make that life-changing decision that has been on her mind.

The Tarot is always cautious in its reading, directing that nothing can be achieved without the querent’s commitment to make it happen, and that the way forward might also involve conflict. But the Tarot knows that everything changes, and what is bad and difficult will pass.

If you make Tarot your friend and see how enlightening it will be.

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