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Tarot and men

Posted by LadyCristobel on June 28, 2009

Not many men request a Tarot reading from me, but in recent weeks I have had a number of men querents.

Perhaps the current recession is bringing worries about job security and financial stability and people are looking to outside sources for counsel and advice.

Whatever the reason, I have been impressed with the openness of the men whose Tarot cards I have read.

A number of the querents have openly admitted there is an element of fear when they hear about Tarot, and that there might be some risk in ‘dabbling with the unknown’, or even with ‘magic’.

Tarot is not magic – it is a bit like ‘brainstorming’ sessions that are common in the workplace. A Tarot reading won’t invent anything in your life, but it may shed light on some parts of your life that you feel could be improved, or need clarification in your mind.

You might draw a card whose meaning throws light on something that you have been thinking or worrying about. The Tarot reader won’t know that you have been looking for guidance about this personal worry, but once you see the card and the reader explains what its meaning might be, there sometimes appears a bit more clarity about the issue. for you.

Try it and see, Tarot is a kind and interesting friend.


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