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Ladies’ Tarot party with individual readings

Posted by LadyCristobel on February 16, 2009

Lady Cristobel reads Tarot cards in Aberdeen

Lady Cristobel reads Tarot cards in Aberdeen

A Tarot party is a  lovely way for ladies to get together and enjoy Tarot readings in the comfort of a friend’s home.

Lady Cristobel chats to the group of ladies at the beginning of the party and explains a bit about how Tarot evolved, how beautifully illustrated the cards are, and how it helps people resolve dilemmas and difficulties in their life. And how it has been used to do this for centuries.

She also explains that Tarot is not something to be feared and is not like ‘black magic’ or ‘occultism’, but is a tool to help people see their own way forward. Many people worry that they are dabbling in the unknown or taking risks,  and this makes them afraid of having a Tarot reading, which is a pity.

I look forward to meeting more ladies who are interested in enjoying an evening of Tarot readings in a relaxed and friendly atmoshphere.


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Tarot as a friend

Posted by LadyCristobel on February 9, 2009

When I look at my Tarot pack – a brand new Universal Waite deck – I think of it as my friend. I can ask it questions and it will give me some ideas about how I am feeling and what might be troubling me.

Several of my friends ring me up and ask to speak to my Tarot friend as well, because they know the Tarot is far-reaching, broad-minded and keen to enlighten them.

When I offer readings to the public as a medieval Tarot reader, the response is always considerable. People who consult the Tarot are usually women – who are more in touch with their feelings and more receptive to input from others. They are also much more broad-minded than most men, who often declare their scepticism at the outset, to a gentle smile from me.

My querents usually opt for a general reading first, in a way to establish my credentials, and then often want to ask a specific question about one particular aspect of the reading that has emerged. A second, more detailed reading follows.

Querents are usually concerned about conflict within their relationship or within the family, or at their workplace, and how or if it might be resolved. The Tarot can show up these conflicts and help show a way forward. Sometimes the querent will decide because of the light shed by the cards, that she will in fact make that life-changing decision that has been on her mind.

The Tarot is always cautious in its reading, directing that nothing can be achieved without the querent’s commitment to make it happen, and that the way forward might also involve conflict. But the Tarot knows that everything changes, and what is bad and difficult will pass.

If you make Tarot your friend and see how enlightening it will be.

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What does 2009 hold for you and your loved ones?

Posted by LadyCristobel on February 7, 2009

the-loversTarot readings are a gentle and intuitive way to explore your life and its compartments. A Tarot reader will read the cards that you have shuffled, that you have cut, and will select the cards that you direct the reader to select.

The Tarot reader is merely interpreting the pictures on the cards in the spread of cards you have chosen. The querent – the person asking for guidance – will be able to select what is important from the readings made by the Tarot specialist.

Tarot readings are ways to open your mind and see things in a different light, in a different context, and in the presence of a totally objective person.

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